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My balance shows as $0 or is not correct on the inKind App



  • Shelly Lin

    I had added more than $700 to my InKind wallet on March 10 and I had been using InKind without any issue until today. When I went to the InKind app, there was a message that said my account didn’t exist and my balance was $0. All my restaurant visit history was erased. I know I had at least a $300 balance in my InKind wallst as of April 30th because I had used InKind on April 30th at The Modern. Why was my account deleted and what happened to my balance????

  • Christine Ward

    SAME!!!  I had over a $100 credit left in my account and now it's gone.  What is going on??

  • Candace Cauley-Okure

    I am having the same issue. I totally planned on using inKind this weekend. I tried logging on this morning on the app and noticed it was saying that my email was not associated with an account. I was afraid to re-enter my email address/create a new profile and mess something up, but customer service appears to only be automated messaging and I'm not sure how else to get support at this point. I also have at least $300 at stake here. I just started using inKind in April. At this point this product feels like a scam, which is sad. I hope that at a minimum we are refunded our initial investment (especially if we paid to be members) because we are not even able to use our membership at this point.


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